The Pew Grant Program in Course Redesign:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the grant program limited to schools with large enrollments or are small schools eligible to apply?

A. Any size institution is eligible to apply. "Large" (as in large-enrollment courses) is relative to the institution. In each case, we are looking at the top 20-30 (in terms of enrollment) undergraduate courses at any given institution. For some, that enrollment would be 300; for others, it would be 3,000.

Q. Are introductory graduate-level or professional courses appropriate targets for redesign?

A. No. This program is oriented toward introductory undergraduate courses since these impact the largest number of students at any institution.

Q. More than one department at our institution wants to submit a proposal. How many proposals will you allow from one institution?

A. The grants are designed to be institutional grants; consequently, the application process begins with an institutional readiness statement. If selected to move on to the next stage of the process, the institution then needs to decide which course it wants to submit—i.e., make an institutional decision and target the particular course that the institution believes will have the greatest chance of successful implementation and the greatest impact on students.

Q. Are distance learning courses appropriate targets for this program?

A. There is no prohibition against redesigning distance learning courses as long as the redesign can demonstrate both quality enhancement and cost savings. Rio Salado College, one of the pilot institutions, is redesigning college algebra, which is taught at a distance.

Q. Our consortium is interested in applying to the program. Can we apply as a consortium?

This program is focused on the individual course. While there is no prohibition against a consortium (or other form of collaborative effort) applying, it may create unnecessary complication in the process. For example, one would have to demonstrate institutional readiness for all institutions in the consortium rather than for a single institution.

Q. Where do I get an application and more information about the application process.

A. There is no application form. To be considered for an institutional grant, the first step is for the campus provost to send a brief narrative statement addressing the institutional readiness criteria. The narrative is due by November 15, 1999 for participation in the next round.


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