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The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) is committed to providing the expertise necessary to help higher education institutions achieve their student access, success and retention goals while reducing their instructional costs. Through constant testing and refinement of its course redesign methodology and by working with a diverse group of public and private colleges, universities and community colleges, NCAT has demonstrated that all post-secondary institutions are capable of achieving improved outcomes at a reduced cost. If you would like to learn more and to replicate this success, this is how we recommend you get started.

NCAT was established in 1999 with funding from the Pew Charitable Trusts. To date, NCAT has conducted four competitive national programs funded by private foundations and government agencies. Each national program has sought to demonstrate a particular aspect of improving learning and reducing cost. Full descriptions of our national programs can be found by following the links on our home page: Program in Course Redesign (PCR), Roadmap to Redesign (R2R), Colleagues Committed to Redesign (C2R) and Changing the Equation. NCAT has also conducted six state/system-based programs (funded by the state or system partner) to scale the concept of course redesign. For more information about NCAT's state/system-based programs, see Altogether, NCAT has worked with more than 200 institutions to demonstrate that it is possible to improve quality while reducing costs in higher education. Together, we have developed 150+ successful course redesigns that serve as models for higher education in the United States and elsewhere.

Institutions, organizations and companies are encouraged to take full advantage of the resources offered on the NCAT website.

Course Redesign Planning Resources

Course Redesign Case Studies: descriptions of more than 150 large-scale course redesigns sorted by discipline, by model and by degree of success, including data on increased student learning, improved completion and reduced instructional costs.

Course Redesign “How-To” Guides: a series of step-by-step guides for campuses and systems that want to initiate a course redesign program drawing on our experience since 1999. Three guides have been produced: 1) how to redesign a course in any discipline, 2) how to redesign a developmental mathematics course sequence and 3) how to redesign a developmental or college-level mathematics course. Subsequent guides are in development and will include 1) how to establish an institution-wide redesign program, and 2) how to establish a state- or system-wide redesign program.

NCAT Redesign Scholars: faculty and administrators who have successfully implemented and sustained a whole-course redesign that increases student success and reduces instructional costs. Scholars serve as a resource to link those new to course redesign with more experienced colleagues to whom they can turn for advice and support

Public Events: face-to-face workshops and seminars and a webinar series that provide a venue for those engaged in redesign projects to share their successes and outcomes with others in the higher education community. Public events are announced in the “What’s New” section of the NCAT homepage.

Analysis, Publications and Change Strategies

The Learning MarketSpace: Each issue of NCAT’s bi-annual newsletter, The Learning MarketSpace, includes an analytical piece, “Perspectives on Academic Productivity.” The overall theme of these analyses is, “What have we learned about institutional change that goes beyond an individual course redesign project?”

Lessons Learned in Course Redesign Digest: A frequently read publication is a concise summary of the results of the Program in Course Redesign (PCR) published as a Policy Alert by the National Policy Center on Higher Education. NCAT will produce an equivalent publication, which will highlight the results we have achieved since 1999.

Lessons Learned in Course Redesign Monograph: NCAT will produce a monograph that will summarize the results of the multiple course redesign projects completed over the twelve-year, demonstration project period. This document will supersede previous monographs which discussed the results of the Program in Course Redesign, NCAT’s seminal course redesign program.

Articles and Monographs: suggested reading about the nexus of higher education and information technology.

NCAT’s Frequently Asked Questions When Starting a Course Redesign Program

New to Course Redesign? A list of recommended reading to get you started.


For more information, please contact Patricia Bartscherer, Program Manager.