NCAT Redesign Scholars Program

A list of the Redesign Scholars with contact information and biographies. Biographies are linked to the course redesign project description.

In addition, former NCAT vice president Carolyn G. Jarmon, who has worked with hundreds of course redesigns in multiple disciplines, offers consulting services to campuses that want to implement large-scale course redesigns.

In 2006, the National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) established a Redesign Scholars Program to link those new to course redesign with more experienced colleagues to whom they can turn for advice and support. Trained in NCAT’s course redesign methodology, Redesign Scholars have led a successful redesign project that has been sustained over time. Only exemplars in course redesign are selected to be Redesign Scholars.


  • Speak at national, regional and local meetings and conferences

NCAT receives numerous requests for speakers on course redesign from national and regional associations and organizations, state systems of higher education, community college districts and individual campuses. Redesign Scholars are available to speak at these events. Redesign Scholars are engaged on a per-event basis and determine their speaking fees individually. 

  • Consult with individual colleges and universities

Individual institutions that want to initiate one or more course redesigns may wish to invite a Redesign Scholar to visit their campus. Site visits focus on issues of curriculum and pedagogy, administrative matters, assessment and evaluation efforts, and implementation issues. Redesign Scholars are also available to campuses via telephone and email for ongoing consultation. Redesign Scholars are engaged on a per-event basis and determine their consulting fees individually.

If you are interested in engaging a Redesign Scholar to speak or consult about course redesign, please contact that person directly to make arrangements by following the link below.

Redesign Scholars


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