How to Redesign a Developmental Math Program Using the Emporium Model


What is the Math Emporium and what makes it so successful?

Math Lectures: An Oxymoron?
An article summarizing what NCAT has learned about improving student success in mathematics.

The Math Emporium: Higher Education's Silver Bullet
A 2011 Change Magazine article summarizing the successes produced by the Emporium Model.

Developmental Math Redesign Case Studies

Developmental Courses: An Oxymoron?
An article describing a redesign program in developmental math and English conducted by NCAT in partnership with the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Increasing Success in Developmental Math: Following the NCAT Playbook
An article describing Cleveland State Community College's redesign of its developmental math program.

Increasing Success in Developmental Math: SMART Math at Jackson State Community College
An article describing Jackson State Community College's redesign of its developmental math program.

Issues in Developmental Math Reform

Does A Nursing Student Really Need to Solve Rational Equations?
An article discussing a curricular approach to developmental math reform.

Education Delayed Is Education Denied
An article describing how modularizing developmental math courses can accelerate student progress toward college-level courses.
The State of Developmental Math: It's Far Worse Than You Think
An article describing the problem of grade inflation in developmental math courses.

Changing the Equation (2009 - 2012)

Changing the Equation was a major program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to engage the nation’s community colleges in a successful redesign of their remedial/developmental math sequences. Thirty-two institutions improved student learning outcomes while reducing costs for both students and institutions using NCAT's proven redesign methodology

Changing the Equation Program Description
A full description of the program's purposes and its place in the panoply of developmental math reform.

Changing the Equation Final Report
An article describing the outcomes and lessons learned from Changing the Equation.



Table of Contents

I. Essential Elements
II. Improving Essentials
III. Getting Ready
IV. The Lab
V. Course Policy Decisions
VI. Instructional Costs
VII. Learning Assessment
VIII. Completion Rates
IX. Faculty Concerns
X, Student Participation
XI. Planning/Implementing
XII. A Written Plan
XIII. Consensus


Assessment Planning
Assessment Reporting
Completion Reporting
Cost Planning Tool (CPT)
CPT Instructions
Scope of Effort Worksheet
Scope of Effort Instructions
Student Learning Results
Completion Results
Cost Reduction Results