State and System Course Redesign

The National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) is the only national organization focused on both academic quality and cost savings in higher education. Working with state and system educational authorities that need to affect substantial change among their institutions, the NCAT is able to replicate its successful course redesign methodology developed at the national level and produce similar results at the state level.

The NCAT's three-phase course redesign methodology offers administrators and faculty a tested and structured approach to assessing their costs for delivering instruction, redesigning courses taking advantage of the capabilities of information technology, and measuring student learning. NCAT's "train the trainer" approach coupled with a comprehensive communications initiative ensures that capacity is built within the state/system and institution to undertake subsequent course redesign programs that significantly scale learning improvements and cost savings.

NCAT focuses on states and systems in order to fulfill its mission of scaling the successes of the Program in Course Redesign as quickly and efficiently as possible. Individual institutions interested in course redesign are welcome to use our resources and to contact us for information on how to develop a state-based program.

State-based course redesign projects:

NCAT is working with the following higher education systems to conduct a full implementation of its three-phase course redesign methodology. NCAT will be directly involved in all phases of the project, from initial planning through implementation and final project outcomes.

State-based course redesign pilots:

In prior years, NCAT worked with the following states and systems to pilot parts of its three-phase course redesign methodology. In all cases, NCAT helped initiate a course redesign program and advised system and state staff about how to conduct it. NCAT’s involvement did not include program implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCAT's Course Redesign Programs